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Catalog ID035200-ML405-100ULSupplier Catalog ID035200-ML405-100UL
Size100 µlPrice N/A
Supplier N/A Package Content Rabbit Anti-human ERF, CT polyclonal antibody SKU:035200-ML405, 100 µl
ReactivityHumanCross ReactivityHuman
ApplicationsFLISA, Western BlotConjugatedConjugated
Conjugate TypeMaxLightSpecific ConjugateMaxLight™405
IsotypeIgGImmunogenKLH-conjugated synthetic peptide mapping to a fragment of residues within amino acids 485-514 in the C-terminal region of human ERF,
SpecificityRecognizes human ERF.DilutionOptimal dilutions to be determined by the researcher.
Purification MethodPurified by Protein A and peptide affinity chromatography.GeneERF, CT
UniProtKBP50548Protein Accession No.NP_006485.2
Additional InformationApplications are based on unconjugated antibody.FormLiquid
Shipping TemperatureBlue IceStorage & Handling4°C Do Not Freeze
PurityAffinity Purified


MaxLight™405 is a new Violet photostable dye conjugate comparable to Alexa Fluor® 405, PacificBlue™, Brilliant™ Violet 421 and offers better labeling efficiency, brighter imaging and increased immunodetection. Absorbance (400nm); Emission (423nm); Extinction Coefficient 32,000.Members of the ETS family of transcription factors, such as ERF, regulate cell proliferation and differentiation. They share a highly conserved DNA-binding domain, the ETS domain, that recognizes the sequence GGAA/T (de Castro et al., 1997 [PubMed 9192842]). For further information on ETS transcription factors, see ETS1 (MIM 164720).Applications: Suitable for use in FLISA and Western Blot. Other applications not tested.Recommended Dilutions: Optimal dilutions to be determined by the researcher.Storage and Stability:Store product at 4°C in the dark. DO NOT FREEZE! Stable at 4°C for 12 months after receipt as an undiluted liquid. Dilute required amount only prior to immediate use. Further dilutions can be made in assay buffer. Caution: MaxLight™405 conjugates are sensitive to light. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial prior to removing the cap.Note: Applications are based on unconjugated antibody.

For research use only.